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Advertising, Corporate Identity and Brand Building

It is as simple as it gets. If you do not brand your business, service, product or dream to your ultimate target consumer properly, you are not going to be as successful as you could be.

KEYCONNECTION MEDIA can help you. After we find out who you are we will develop your branding and positioning statement and we will successfully position your business, service, product, event, message or dream through creative stories to millions of television viewers, radio listeners and magazine, newspapers and Web readers.

Apart from strategic campaigns we will help you with small, day-to-day campaigns with limited goals.

Media Relation Services

We offer our clients an instant access to media.

We help our clients define their communication strategy, messages and audiences, and objectives. We also identify key media, produce and disseminate tailored media materials, organize media interviews/briefings, arrange press conferences, coordinate media monitoring, provide analysis and evaluation of media coverage.

Radio & TV Production

We write, edit and produce a broad range of Broadcast materials including: children and education programs, Radio & TV commercials, infomercials, documentaries, stories and special shows.

Media training

No matter what media targets, public campaign is not effective without proper media knowledge and training. KEYCONNECTION MEDIA is specialized in Broadcast media training. Through these part-time or full-time Internet and real studio training sessions we will prepare you for media and ensure any interview, whether TV or Radio, is a success.

KEYCONNECTION MEDIA also offers full time interactive Internet Journalism course for young journalists or students who plane to enter media field.

Crisis management

Due to extensive inner Broadcast media experience, our team is capable of preparing people to manage a crisis and to communicate during crisis situation effectively. We help in dealing with public anger, whether we talk about employees who answer the phone in crisis or executives who should answer the questions raised highly in media.

Analyst Programs and advising

KEYCONNECTION MEDIA analyses of issues, trends and news will ensure quality of your business decisions.

Stay in touch with time - do not produce turn table any more.

Creative development

We deliver your message through: Television Commercials, Radio Spots, Infomercials, Direct mail pieces, Videos, Print Ads, CD-s, e-mail Marketing, Brochures, Multimedia Presentations, Website Development, Logos, Banner Ads, Sales Materials and also through chatting with friends.

What else we are ready for

Product introductions, special event management, press release and newsletter development, bulletins, T-shirts and tattoos.