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Poljoprivreda u Srbiji




Agriculture in Serbia

The programs Ekonnews – Agriculture in Serbia speak about people who are investing great efforts to keep up their retail or wholesale nursery plants, plantations and greenhouses, who grow grain and also the strawberry or vegetables plantations, the orchards and vineyards near which are set wine cellars which they alone have put on a firm footing, as well as the flower plantations that deliver flowers to customers across Serbia.

Reports often combine the big and small farmers, as they both equally contribute to the agricultural production of Serbia. The former mostly have their own refrigerator trucks, they use high-technology and export the majority of their production.

Talking with the small farmers whose ultimate goal is still a green market, makes our stories more real.

Among people we interviewed there are some who had taken up agriculture coming from an entirely other world but wanting to earn money for themselves and their family by investing into strawberry greenhouses.

Ovaj program je finansijski podržala Američka ambasada u Beogradu.